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The following symbols appear in the quasi-facsimile transcriptions more generally: end of line/beginning of next line| This appears between two consecutive words within a transcription but never as the first or last element therein.

It may however be followed or preceded by the signs ‘«’ and ‘»’ (see below).

[et R.]’ see the TP of 50–1-ME; for ‘Italien’ see the TP of GDC–1-Sm; for ‘I.

[et Royam–1-SCH.) Note that in the catalogue we do not refer to the use of ‘J’ instead of ‘I’ as erroneous, as ad hoc use of these letters stems from Latin, where they were essentially interchangeable We have not transcribed the long or medial ‘s’, the graphic appearance of which changes regularly (see, e.g., TP of 2–1-HAt (caisse); TPs of 2–1-W, 7–1-W (Duchess); TPs of 5–1-BRZ, 6–1-Sm, 19–1-PR, 27–1-W, 29–1-W, 58–1-B&H, 70/2&69/2–1-EW, Pol Gm–1-CY (Comtesse); TP of 14–1-KI (Wessel); TPs of 14–1-W, 30–1-W (Princesse); TP of 26–1-W (Dessauer); TPs of 47–1-B&H, 56–1-B&H (Mademoiselle); TP of 52–1-B&H (Roth­schild); TP of 59–1-ST (Spiess); TP of MEG–1-B&B (Prusse); TP of MM–0-Sm (Dussek); TP of MM–1-Sam (Mendelssohn, Moscheles, Rosenhain); and TP of MM–1-CHAP (Seller)).

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‘’ (awkward version of Polish ‘Ł’, often found in the Polish and German first edi­tions of the Songs Op. We also transcribe the symbol ‘†’ (found within the prices on the STP and wrapper of Op. The transcriptions generally do not include the decorative characters or other dividers used to separate different textual components on the same line (e.g.

compare the TPs of 1–1-Sam, 1–1-W, 1–1-Sm, 2–1-HAt, 2–1-Sm & 5–1-W with the transcriptions thereof) or on separate lines (compare the TPs of 1–1-HO, 1–1-W, 2–1-Sm & 8–1-W with their respective transcriptions), nor do we transcribe the similar dividers between prices and their equivalents in other monetary units or currencies (compare the TPs of 1–1-Sam & 2–1-HAt with their transcriptions).

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It is often difficult to decide what consti­tutes a block of material (see, e.g., the TP of MM–0-Sm and the related transcription), in that one could variously transcribe the contents of a given title page.

In contrast, when these same abbreviations, initials and words appear in italics and/or decorative characters, or if the letter is ambiguously presented and could be interpreted as either ‘J ’ or ‘I ’, then we have modernised the notation in the form ‘I ’.