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28-Jun-2017 06:13

The goal is to actually meet someone, whether it's your soulmate or the next Ms. And sooner rather than later, you're going to have to meet her face to face.

So if your displayed height implies you look Le Bron James right in the eye, but you show up to the bar looking more like Peter Dinklage, you'd better be one of the world’s finest at digging yourself out of holes. Not only is it stressful to keep up the charade, but the bigger the lie, the more difficulty you’ll have down the road.

But depending on what your salary is, bending the truth here could be setting you up for problems down the line – especially when it comes to dating expectations.

If your profile lists ,000 as your salary, she's only going to put up with sharing an entree at Applebees for so long.

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Let’s say you subtract 9 years off your age and right after the cups of coffee arrive, you say “Hey, by the way, I’m actually 49, not 40.” What do you think will happen? Your chances of getting a second date are slim to none.

Imagine telling her several months down the road, after you’ve put a lot of time and energy into the relationship. For example, studies show women are more comfortable with round numbers, so they're much more likely to search ages 30-40 than 32-42.

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