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By 1936 he was the party's director of trade union activities.

On the outbreak of the Spanish Civil War Doran wanted to immediately join the Abraham Lincoln Battalion, a unit that volunteered to fight for the Popular Front government against the military uprising in Spain.

In Scottsboro, Alabama, he was beaten up after he became involved in the campaign to free the Scotsboro Boys.

In 1931 he joined the American Communist Party and worked as a trade union organizer with agricultural workers (Alabama), textile workers (North Carolina) and coal miners (Pennsylvania).

The tough training has really hardened and toughened me.

Just what a guy needs after being a functionary of the League a number of years." Doran first saw action at Quinto under Steve Nelson.

While at the Tarazona training camp Doran wrote to his wife: "Trying hard to be a good soldier and fill some Fascist bellies with lead.

Feel certain that I can more than hold my own when we meet the bastards out there.

After the disaster of Jarama the leaders of the American Communist Party changed its mind about the role of its activists and allowed Doran, Steve Nelson, Joe Dallet and 22 other volunteers to go to Spain.

He agreed to go to the Deep South to build up membership of the YCL among the unemployed.

The foundation held both a silent and live auction to raise funds to support cancer research, and a dinner for attendees.… continue reading »

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