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Shmuley is no prude: He makes much of Judaism's rejection of Christian asceticism and sees nothing wrong with kinkiness within the bounds of marriage, as long as it furthers the couple's sense of intimacy and unity.

So oral sex and erotica are kosher; porn and masturbation, which lessen one's dependence on one's spouse, are not. That's because, fundamentally, Judaism is not about a set of attitudes toward life but about adherence to a certain body of laws, rituals, and customs, and Shmuley seems uncomfortable actually prescribing them.

is a deeply traditional book, extolling monogamy, female modesty, and premarital sexual naiveté.

To this end, he has given up many of his day-to-day duties with the L'Chaim Society, devoting himself to establishing an online relationship advice Web site, scheduling more speaking engagements (at one event in April, he's discussing black-Jewish relations with the Rev.