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08-Sep-2017 03:16

Aprašymas: Visą gyvenimą trys draugai Gasas, Ričis ir Klarkas mylėjo beisbolą ir svajojo žaisti ne prasčiau nei kiti.

Tačiau itin kuklūs gebėjimai ir stebėtinai menkas protinis išsivystymas jų komandai leidžia tikėtis tik...

At the end of the movie, the theater cut off the credits for some reason and the people in the audience fussed until they turned them back on.

Not a single person left until the last line had rolled on the credits (also funny, stay and watch them).

Bill Romanowski plays a character who makes fun of his "roid rage" while he played football.

Jon Heder is "almost" Napolean Dynamite, similar voice, but the character is funnier.

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However, he swings at the third pitch and makes brief contact with the ball just before the catcher catches it.

It isn't often I can go to a comedy at the theater and actually laugh out loud.

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